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Emergency Restoration System


All column sections are fabricated from lightweight, high strength structural aluminum alloy. The all-welded construction insures easy handling and eliminates the loss of small bolted pieces. Column sections are available in 2.90m and 1.45m sections, weighing 95kg and 59kg, respectively. Four high-strength M24x3x210 all thread galvanized bolts hold each column section to the next.

Columns are easy to climb and allow up to four linemen to stand at one elevation. Each column section is inspected to insure straightness and reliability.


Series 600H ERS Structure Components

All Lindsey Series 600H ERS Structure components have passed the Strength Test Verification requirements of IEEE Std. 1070, "IEEE Guide for the Design and Testing of Transmission Modular Restoration Structure Components"


The Foundation (Part Number 7254 weighing 60kg) is made from 1.2m by 1.2m aluminum plate and is designed to be placed directly on the ground to provide bearing support. The design of the Lindsey Foundation allows for several rigging attachment points used for erection of the columns or for raising the conductors.

The Gimbal or articulating joint (Part no. 7224 weighing 77kg) acts as a universal joint eliminating torsion loading of the final structure and allowing the assembled column to be rotated from the horizontal plane to the vertical position from any position.


High Strength Guy Plates are made from structural aluminum plate and directly transfer the insulator loads across the structure and into guy wire loads. Each attachment hole is designed to hold a 134kN load. The Guy Plates are attached to the four (4) holes between or on the top of each column section using the high strength M24x3x210 all thread galvanized bolts.

The 45 degree 4-Way Guy Plate (Part No. 7268) is used at all insulator and guy wire attachment locations, weighs 24kg, and allows guying in all four directions. The 0 Degree, or straight, Guy Plate (Part No. 7269) is used for in-line tension structures and weighs 18kg.


The post insulator support (Part No. 7267, weighing 18kg) is designed to attach at the joints between column sections. The design of the post  insulator support provides a universal pivot point for the post insulator, eliminating bending moments on the post insulator and thus increasing the insulators buckling strength.

Hanger Straps (Part No. 7273) hold the suspension insulator in a horizontal-vee assembly and provide a restoring moment for the assembly under longitudinal loads. The steel Hanger straps weigh35kg.

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