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Earth Anchor


Manta Ray and Stingray earth anchors are driven tipping plate soil anchors for reaction of tensile loads. Manta Ray anchors have ultimate capacities up to 20 tons, and Stingray anchors have ultimate capacities up to 50 tons. After driving the anchor to the required depth, the driving tool (called drivesteel) is removed. The anchor is then tipped and proof tested with Foresight's Anchor Locking Kit from its edgewisedriving position to present its bearing area to the soil. This is called "load locking", and provides an immediate proof test of each anchor. 

Manta Ray and Stingray anchors offer many significant

  • Fast, easy installation
  • Immediate proof test results 
  • No grout
  • Inexpensive installation equipment 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • No excavation required 
  • Superior Holding Capacity
  • Anchors for a wide range of soils & applications


Installation Methods



Installation Equipment

Drive Steel
Drive steel and accessories are available from Foresight Products for all Manta Ray and Stingray anchors in basic lengths of 3 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet. Multiple sections are coupled together with specialized couplers to achieve the required depth of installation. Manta Ray and Stingray drive steel are not interchangeable.

Load Locking Kits
For Manta Ray, the LL-1 is a 10-ton fast acting jack with an 8-inch stroke. The direct reading gauge and rod gripping jaws make load locking easy and quick. For high capacity Stingrays, the LL-40 is a 20-ton jack with a 10-inch stroke. The base and jack are self-aligning to the actual installed angle of the anchor. Both kits require open center hydraulic flow of 2 to 8 gallons per minute and a maximum pressure of 2,000 psi. A power supply is not included with these load-locking kits, it must be provided separately. Foresight Products models GPU18- 8 or GPU-2 are suitable for the LL-1. GPU18-8 is required for the LL-40.


LL-1 For Manta Ray SR-LLK For Stingray

Composition And Material

Manta Ray and Stingray anchors are made of hot dip galvanized ductile iron. Structurally compatible anchor rods and end terminations for guy line or retaining structures are available for all anchor models. Manta Ray anchors use Continuous Thread Bar (CTB) and Stingray anchors use Solid Core Rod (SCR). Some models of Manta Ray anchors are available in
Stainless Steel.

Anchor Products

MR-3 MR-4 MR-88


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